The Edemian Stories

"My teacher stopped the pre-intermediate class after 3 months because he had to move out of the area. It was the only highest-level class in my area so she did not have any further option so I could not go further with my studies." - The lack of teachers and/or high proficient teachers is one of the chronic problems not only in Cambodia but also in other developing countries. 

  • Phan Makara

  • 3rd year in Veterinary Medicine

  • Koh Thom District, Kandal Province

  • Parents are farmers, six siblings

Phan Makara: Before starting a class with Edemy, Makara studied English by herself because she could not afford the English tuition at her level. Makara could not afford to pay USD 70 per term (about 20 USD per month) for a course book class. Enrolling in an Edemy’s class for 5 USD a month enables Makara to improve her pronunciation, which is always missing in her previous class; she likes practicing with her Edemian classmates at RUA.

English is important to her. She pointed out that all subjects and materials at her university are in English though teachers explain in Khmer. Also, she aspires to study abroad.

  • Koem Nith

  • 3rd year in Agricultural Economics

  • Banteay Meas District, Kampot Province

  • Farmer parents, four siblings

Apart from Edemy, Koem Nith is also studying a Bachelor in English with a 50% scholarship at a private institute so he has to pay USD 135 per year (about 12 USD per month) for his class. In his current class at the university, there are too many students. Teachers are usually late and skip many points and sometimes teachers are not sure about the points they are teaching. At Edemy for 5 USD a month, Nith said that the explanation is clearer, and there is a mixture of activities that he enjoys such as group discussions. Lastly, he can also review Edemy’s lessons at home and do the quizzes which give instant results.

English is important for him because he wants to prepare for his career for the ASEAN Economic Community and also because all his lessons at RUA are in English.

  • Lay Lim

  • 3rd year in Agronomy

  • Samroang District, Takeo Province

  • Farmer parents, ten siblings

Lay Lim aspires to own a farm and helps other farmers to grow and sell their agricultural products. Prior to studying at Edemy, Lim has finished an pre-intermediate class in her hometown. She could not afford the tuition fee and travelling expense to continue her English class at the moment.

She likes her Edemy class as it is modern and enables her to discuss with friends. There is a summary at the end of each session as well as evaluation of her ability at the end of the unit. Other teachers she studied with before did not really care much about pronunciation or did not provided detailed explanation as in Edemy.

With English, she hopes to be able to communicate with people outsider the country in order to get support for her community farm.

  • Sao Samphors

  • 3rd year in Agronomy

  • PreahSdach District, Prey Veng Province

  • Farmer parents, eight siblings

Sao Samphors aspires to work in an agriculture-related NGO and owns a small business that sells agricultural products in her hometown in Prey Veng.

Before Edemy,  her teacher stopped the class after 3 months because he had to move out of the area. It was the only highest-level class in her area so she did not have any further option. At RUA, she studied translation for one year but then the teacher went abroad, so she stopped again. She could not afford lessons outside RUA because it is too far and expensive for her. For Edemy class, Samphors said she could always review her lessons when needed. It is easy to study. “Edemy gives me a chance to study English. I want Edemy to continue the program especially for those who cannot afford it.”

Samphors thinks that it is a priority if you know English when applying for a job. Understanding English also helps with her studies at RUA because her assignments and homework are in English.

Career aspiration: work in an NGO related to Agronomy, and own a small business that sells agricultural products such as fertilizers and pesticide in Prey Veng

  • Be Gechkim

  • 3rd year in Agricultural Engineering

  • Phnom Penh City

Prior to taking class at Edemy, Be Gechkim spent seven years studying English here and there. She also used to receive scholarship to study at an NGO.

Currently, she is studying English at both Edemy and at an NGO which is near her home at Samnong 12. At the NGO, there are too many students. At Edemy, it is convenient especially it pushes her to practice listening which she could not do at other places. She likes the big amount of practices and exercises in Edemy’s class.

Gechkim used to apply for a scholarship but failed. One of the reasons is that she has limited English. She hopes studying English at Edemy will help expand her scholarship opportunities.

Career aspiration: Open a farm

  • Soth Sereyboth

  • 3rd year in Agronomy

  • Pursat Province

Soth Sereyboth: He started studying English in 2012 when he started a Junior High School. However, it was through the public school only. Now he is also studying a bachelor degree in English at a small private institute as well as with Edemy. He thinks that the other school has a low quality teacher. He thinks that Edemy’s class provides clearer explanation especially on the grammar lessons.

He thinks English is important because it connects people around the world like for travelling and it can help him get scholarship abroad. He has applied and failed an exchange program to Japan in 2014. He hopes improving his English will give him more chances of getting a scholarship.

Career aspiration: Open a farm

  • Be Chhai Leap

  • 3rd year in Agronomy

  • Kampong Cham Province

Prior to taking a class with Edemy, Be Chhai Leap studied here and there for about two years, then enrolled at a private university course. Now he is still studying at both the university and Edemy. Leap said that at the university, he studied at a low level class. The teacher doesn’t speak much English because the majority of the students do not want to. At Edemy, everyone is more committed to improving their English. People make it the rule that they have to talk in English. Besides, he’s got to improving his listening skills as well. He said Edemy’s class improves his speaking and listening a lot.

Because he has a low English proficiency, he does not have any confidence in applying for any exchange program or scholarship abroad. He hopes that his confidence will grow as he takes more English classes with Edemy. In the future, Chhai Leap aspires to own a farm.

Career aspiration: Open a farm

  •  Panha Sakvisa

  • 3rd year in Agronomy

  • Phnom Penh City

Panha Sakvisa aspires to be an Agronomist Professor in the future. According to Sakvisa, his previous teachers liked to add newspaper translation to the class which resulted in not having enough time to focus on the textbook. With Edemy, he could practice at his own speed. There is a strong focus on the lesson and clear grammar explanation with more practices.

Sakvisa thinks that understanding English makes it easy to find work as it is an international language for communication, and easy to get a scholarship abroad.

Career aspiration: Professor in Agronomy